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Dear webmaster, we would like to add something. Before asking our technical support any questions, make sure that you carefully read the documentation on script and did not find the needed answer. We reserve the right to ignore questions received by us from users using a non-commercial version of the script or users who did not pay for the license that includes the technical support service. You can purchase one of two types of DataLife Engine license of your choice:

- Basic license. When you purchase this license, you also get the opportunity to receive new versions of script for free within one year.

- Advanced license. When you purchase this license you get everything that is included in the basic license and additionally you get technical support of the script and you are allowed to remove copyrights from the user part of the website (that is visible to visitors).

Validity of the license is 1 year, during which you will receive all the new versions and updates of the script for free, and if you purchase the advanced license you'll get the technical support. After expiration of the license, you can extend it, or use the current version of the script without updates.

Here you can read how to purchase the script

Note that one license can be used for one domain (project) and it can not be used on other websites. It is also prohibited to give your license file to others.


SoftNews Media Group
шаблоны для dle 11.2


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